What is the easiest way to treat pain?

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There can be so many reasons you experience pain, from overdoing it in your garden to arthritis-related joint inflammation. No matter the cause, when it’s aching, all you want is easiest way to treat pain so that it stops hurting. We are providing five tips that can ensure almost instant relief.

Let the music play

This is definitely the easiest way to treat your pain. Listening to music can improve pain intensity in some people, finds a French study. Another study in 2007 discovered that nearly half of the patients with cancer who listened to soothing music for around 20 minutes noticed a massive 60 percent reduction in pain. Plugging your iPods can help lessen intensity of pain because you’re actually distracting yourself with something pleasurable rather than focusing solely on your pain.

DIY acupressure

Millions of people around the world suffer from muscle pain. It’s the most common type of body pain. Tiny, marble sized knots present in muscles are actual trigger points, and some of them correspond to acupuncture points that are used in treatments such as sports massage or acupuncture.

“You just need to push the acupuncture point with sufficient pressure to see a white mark on your finger and then hold it there for 40 seconds,“ advises Mark, senior doctor at Harvard Medical College. “It may hurt at first, but it eventually increases energy flow to help release muscle the same way as sports massage works to ease the pain.”

Tips On Easiest Way To Treat Pain

If your pain is at a hard-to-reach spot-such as your shoulder, back, or neck-apply some pressure using a tennis ball. You can lie on your bed (or simply lay on the floor), and place the ball near the painful area and roll it around until you successfully find the painful spot. Lie in this position for around 5 minutes, or until you feel your muscle relax.

Rub on relief

Topical gel can be helpful as it can numb nerve endings and improve blood flow to the area to ensure faster healing. Doctors recommend applying Tiger Balm to treat everything from headaches to arthritis to bruises.

Take a soak

Sometimes magnesium deficiency can cause muscles to contract, which is the biggest pain trigger. The American diet has nearly 63 percent less magnesium that it did few decades earlier because now we eat more processed food. Foods higher in magnesium include avocados, bananas, whole grains, peanuts, and soy. The mineral can be easily absorbed through skin, and many Epson salts are rich in magnesium sulfate. Ease your muscle pain bay adding one cup of Epson salt to a bath and soak for at least 10 minutes a few times a week.

Get a move on

Exercise-including tai chi, walking, and yoga-has show their efficacy in reducing pain. In fact, a study in 2010 in Texas found that 22 fibromyalgia patients who took part in a thrice-weekly 30-minute tai chi classes (a fine combination of breathing, slow movements, and meditation) for 10 weeks reported

Factors such as stress trigger adrenaline signals body to tighten up and triggers pain. Tai chi and yoga practices can help stretch and relax your muscles and may soothe soreness.

Even just 8-15 seconds of stretching-a-day can help. Start by stretching whenever you feel some pain ( such as lower-back issues), and hold for 15 seconds or until your feel the muscle release, and then gradually work up to 2 minute.

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